Top 3 Best SSD VPS Server Hosting Companies – 2020

The VPS server is the Virtual Private Server having dedicated service environment of resources with full Root access. Select the best ssd VPS Hosting Companies from India, we have listed the top rated VPS hosting services. In this directory, we’ll look at a best of the best top SSD vps server hosting service providers like Time4VPS, MilesWeb, and DreamHost. SSD VPS servers are of KVM Linux, Windows SSD managed or unmanaged vps server.

This will allow you to handle all the new large traffic coming to your site. Sometimes, it’s mandatory to move on VPS server because of delay in support response from the hosting provider & gets big loss in business or in hosting business. Get affordable vps hosting service package with unlimited bandwidth.

SSD VPS Server Is Best For Which Kind Of Businesses?

VPS server with low cost allows you freedom of Operating system install and uninstall at any time. You must be very careful before you choose the best KVM VPS hosting provider. You can install any required application which is needed for the website business. Most of the NodeJS required websites are victim for bad hosting providers. They are provide NodeJS platform with low budget. You host your NodeJS website on SSD VPS server with your own Root access control.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) has all of the features and functionality same as that of the dedicated server. Existed SSD storage which allocate a certain space. Many VPS server providers allow for the dynamic adjustments. The customizations like amount of RAM, CPU resources, Dedicated IP Address.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Managed VPS services. With the different types of storage space dedicated to a particular virtual machine (VM) sometimes others do not. Unmanaged VPS package platforms allow complete user friendly in selecting and installing the O. S. with server extensions.

Are you rigorous about purchasing a SSD VPS server web hosting plan for your business website? In this article, I will cover the top 3 best SSD VPS hosting companies. The SSD VPS Server recommend signing up with, the benefits of upgrading too. A SSD VPS server, and what features and attributes you should look best ssd vps server.

#1 Time4VPS SSD VPS Hosting server

Time4VPS SSD cheap vps package monthly KVM linux services provider infoabout

Time4VPS is self-managed cheap SSD VPS service. You will receive full controlled Root access to manage with your end. In that you will receive directly a SSD VPS server with your selected plan resources. Currently Time4VPS provides 50% discounts on all SSD VPS server plans.

Inexpensive Time4VPS server started from 5.99 EUR/Month to 17.99 EUR/Month. Plans having 2 to 8 GB RAM, 40 to 160GB SSD storage and 10 to 40TB bandwidth. Our aim is to help you upgrade to VPS hosting at the right time for your individual site.

Time4VPS allows you to instant and any time plan upgrade or downgrade facility. Time4VPS datacenters are located in Europe, Lithuania city of Vilnius. Get extra information about datacenters can be found right here. Ping and tracert test can be done via our Looking Glass.

Time4VPS allows their clients to test their services without the risk of losing money. If the services do not meet their requirements. 30-day money back guarantee applies for SSD virtual private servers services (except licenses and one time setup fees). If there is no conflict with their TOS of Time4VPS servers.

Time4VPS provides 4 types of SSD VPS servers. Learn everything before switching to virtual private server (VPS).

Operating Systems according to Different VPS plans:

Standard SSD VPS and Storage SSD VPS:

  • Operating Systems:

    1. A CentOS 6 OS (64-bit)
    2. The CentOS 7 Oprating System (64-bit)
    3. A Debian 8 Oprating System(64-bit)
    4. The Debian 9 OS (64-bit)
    5. A Fedora 22 OS (64-bit)
    6. The Fedora 23 Oprating System (64-bit)
    7. Fedora 24 (64-bit)
    8. The Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)
    9. Ubuntu 16.04 Oprating System (64-bit)
  • Operating systems with control panels:
    1. cPanel/WHM with CentOS 6 (64-bit)
    2. DirectAdmin 1.5 with CentOS 6 (64-bit)
    3. Webmin 1.8 with CentOS 6 (64-bit)
    4. VestaCP 0.9 with CentOS 7 (64-bit)
    5. ISPConfig 3.1 with Debian 8 (64-bit)
    6. Remote Desktop with CentOS 7 and VNC (64-bit)
    7. ownCloud with CentOS 7 (64-bit)


  • Linux VPS Servers: Operating Systems
    1. CentOS 6 (64-bit)
    2. The CentOS 7 Operating Syatem (64-bit)
    3. Debian 8 (64-bit)
    4. The Debian 9 Oprating System (64-bit)
    5. A Fedora 22 OS(64-bit)
    6. The Fedora 23 operating system with(64-bit)
    7. Fedora 24 O.S. (64-bit)
    8. Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)
    9. The Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit)
  • Operating systems with control panels:

    1. cPanel/WHM with CentOS 6 (64-bit)
    2. DirectAdmin 1.5 with CentOS 6 (64-bit)
    3. Webmin 1.8 with CentOS 6 (64-bit)
    4. VestaCP 0.9 with CentOS 7 (64-bit)
    5. ISPConfig 3.1 with Debian version 8 (64-bit)
    6. Remote Desktop with CentOS 7 and VNC (64-bit)
    7. OwnCloud with CentOS 7 (64-bit)
  • Operating System with Windows SSD VPS Servers:

    1. A Windows Server of 2008 (64-bit Operating System)
    2. The Windows 2012 Operating System (64-bit OS)

Why Choose a SSD VPS Hosting Server from Time4VPS?

With inexpensive ssd vps plan of Time4VPS. You will receive best performance and skilful customer service with Help desk, Community, knowledgebase and live chat support services.

  1. Fastest Cloud-based infrastructure
  2. Secure and hassle-free KVM-based virtualization
  3. Complete hosting solution with Secure storage
  4. Resources on demand and Powerful hardware
  5. Resellers welcome and Assistance on demand
  6. No long-term contracts & No charges for extra Bandwidth

Time4VPS is the easy to handle, cheap and fastest service management merged with reliable, secure and scalable infrastructure. Enjoy fastest SSD VPS server access to our friendly and competent support engineers.

#2 MilesWeb – Cheap Cost SSD VPS Hosting server

MilesWeb SSD VPS server with cheapest cost

MilesWeb SSD VPS is the India’s Best VPS web hosting provider. The MilesWeb SSD linux VPS hosting india having  4 plans in ssd storage with different technical components. All are based on cloud infrastructure with built-in SSD storage. Plans are sequentially SMART, VALUE, PLUS and RAPID. You can use DISCOUNT coupon code as NY25 to receive FLAT 25% discount over all plans.

The First plan of SSD VPS server started from ₹667.50/Month and ended with ₹3825/Month. With the very first plan you will receive 3.2GHz Compute CPU Processor. 1 GB RAM, 30GB SSD Storage with RAID technology. 500 GB data transfer bandwidth per month it will be renew and 1 Dedicated IP Address. Packages of SSD VPS server contains higher configuration with RAM, CPU core, SSD Storage and Unlimited bandwidth.

Why Choose a Best SSD VPS Server from MilesWeb?

  • Freedom of Application installation and SSH and Root Access
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Pure Solid-State Drives
  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard
  • Instant Upgrade and No Setup Fee
  • Robust Infrastructure and Free VPS Management
  • Instant Provisioning with Free VPS Migration

All SSD VPS server are included with Security & Support:

All plans of MilesWeb comes with SSD based premium linux VPS hosting service india at the cheapest price.  Milesweb provides low cost and inexpensive SSD VPS hosting India plans is an un-managed VPS hosting service.

You can upgrade or downgrade your SSD VPS hosting resources, install customize applications and run any program at any time. MilesWeb low cost ssd VPS hosting India plans is a fully managed hosting service. You can choose the SSD VPS management add-on at the time of checkout. Compare MilesWeb SSD best VPS plans India head-to-head compare with other VPS providers. MilesWeb are one of the best and cheapest VPS hosting providers in India and abroad too.

#3 DreamHost Pure SSD VPS Hosting Server

dreamhost ssd vps managed unmanaged low cost package infoabout

DreamHost is High-Performance Web Hosting service with everything you need. Unlimited hosting on solid state drives (SSD), domain registration or domain transfer or domain renewal, email, Free SSL certificate, privacy & more.

Affordable DreamHost SSD VPS server is fully managed with full root access. Each SSD VPS server Hosting plan allocates extraordinary resources that only your website can use. This equals unrivaled power, low latency, great server uptime and high performance… Pay for one package and get it all features. In every VPS plan you can create SSL certificate, unlimited domains, security privacy and other powerful features.

The buying price structure of DreamHost server with security is affordable cost. The very first plan started with the $15/Month and ended with the $120/Month. With the SSD plans of VPS server you will receive RAM from 1 to 8 GB. Storage from 30 to 240 GB or you will customize it. You will customize Bandwidth as per requirement. Unlimited Hosted Domains and SSD VPS package fully managed with root access. The VPS plans are needful for users for new & small websites, for resource intensive sites and high traffic, high resource websites.

Why Choose a DreamHost Best SSD VPS server?

Supercharge Your MySQL Database. Another application to check to optimize your VPS is MySQL. This optional add-on feature service includes an isolated managed SSD VPS optimized to deliver peak MySQL performance. Budget for VPS server is high on DreamHost  vps hosting platform.

  • High speed Managed VPS with Control Panel
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) VPS Hosting
  • Unlimited Website Hosting with Scalable RAM
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee and Reseller and Sub Account Features
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support with Uncapped Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts & Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Best VPS Server package plans with adjustable resource services
  • Free SSL/TLS Certificate with One-Click Application Installer
  • Node.js, PHP7/Perl/Python and Password Protection (.htaccess)
  • Access to Raw Log Files with Subversion Repository (SVN)

Factors you must understand that when you buy VPS plans:

Low cost SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting plans are great designed to give high Speed. VPS servers more powerful and flexibile for custom developed application requirements and high traffic volume domains. SSD VPS server plans are ideal to support complex type of web and mobile applications. That must requires a Programming languages and frameworks are one part of a stack.

SSD VPS server hosting is considered an upgrade path from SSD shared hosting. A VPS hosting may cost you more than shared hosting but nevertheless remains affordable. Or your website resource intensive to be hosted under the restrictions of an entry level account.

SSD VPS Server:

  • SSD VPS Server Platform Type (Managed, Unmanaged, or CloudLinux )
  • Powerful Hardware Performance (CPU, Processor, Threads/Cores, RAM, & SSD Storage)
  • Assistance on Demand for the Virtualization Software Used on the Platform
  • Available Options for Systems Administration
  • Expand your resources in seconds as you grow
  • Free VPS server website migration from older hosting service
  • Free Resource Monitoring Dashboard to manage services
  • The freedom to choose Operating System for the SSD VPS Web Server
  • Cloud Optimization Tools for Website Performance
  • Instant VPS server setup and activation after payment
  • Web Security Measures & Back-Up Utilities with high speed
  • Website up with a 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Technical Support & Customer Service

The main reason to host on a VPS plan is either that a website requires more system resources. Second reason a site using shared hosting doesn’t usually have the bandwidth to accommodate a high volume of traffic. The third reason will be development requirements of a web/mobile application necessitate. Our web hosting services are crafted for top speed, unmatched security, 24/7 fast and expert support.

Accomplishment – Final Thoughts on Choosing a Best SSD VPS Server Suitable for You

First important factor is to differentiate your plan with managed or unmanaged SSD VPS server. This will decides and provides more features according to the server type.

Cloud SSD VPS server web hosting plans are normally based on premium powerful hardware. Servers like DDR-4 or ECC RAM, powerful Intel Xeon Dual Octa core processor/Intel/AMD multi-core processing, and Solid State Drive. Virtual Private Servers are a significant step up from general shared hosting plans. This is because of the dedicated system resources, i.e. more RAM, CPU cores, Dedicated IP Address & I/O processes are made available to scripts on the hardware than permitted under the shared hosting restricted plans.

SSD VPS performance is just like dedicated server hardware, resources with performance. The cost of Dedicated server configured with RAM, CPU cores, and SSD storage space as that required. On a functional level, SSD VPS plans are almost equivalent to dedicated servers. SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting feels almost like having your own little world. All of that high speed SSD VPS server inherits all the basic properties of dedicated server and powerful. That said, because solid state drives are faster, hosts that do offer servers running on solid state drives.

In making the final decision between SSD VPS web hosting plans, remember to compare:

  1. The number of dedicated CPU cores/Threads allocated to the SSD VPS server
  2. The amount of guaranteed system RAM memory provided to the SSD VPS server
  3. Bandwidth limitation for monthly data transfer & price for additional usage
  4. Cost of VPS server depends on types of storages like HDD/SSD storage with the plan

The Conclusion:

Website owners and developers considering buying well managed, unmanaged, and cloud VPS plans. Consider with  features an important decision take between the varieties of platforms available in VPS server marketplace. Final results, Time4VPS and MilesWeb which are SSD VPS plan is the right choice will depend primarily on what the operating system supports and what programming language support requirements of a project and personal preferences of the development team.

Other important factor is price for hardware resources. The operating system to be installed, cPanel & Plesk to know which control panel is right for you? Windows VPS server or the command line in systems administration. The need for managed platform security for websites with the VPS server launch. Web developers and programmers have much more freedom working with VPS plans. Given the wide range of options, even the tech-savviest clients may need help.

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