Expired Domain Name Crawlers for PBN Network

Usually, Expired domains name crawlers are used to increase SEOs of the authority of their money-making site. Also, expired domain names used for creating Private Blog Networks sites. The majority of you must be aware of what a domain is. But very few domain purchasers know or understand the concept of “Expired domain Names crawlers” and “Drop domains Names”.

Are you looking for a domain name for your blog, E-commerce site or Business? Then I will suggest you choose your desired domain from the expired domain name. Especially every Domain Name always renews after a year or after some valid period. Meanwhile, people make a mistake sometimes or forget to renew their crucial and desired current domains. Therefore, these domains are get expire and available to purchase by others. Previous domain owners spend years and lots of money in building the domain strong with its DA & PA. The new user will easily get that Expired Domains by using the expired domain finder crawler.

Expired Domain name crawlers:

Expired domains are nothing but the fully dropped domain names or no control domain. Hence, they are available for re-register or repurchase or re-signing in with any domain name registrar provider. The expired domains names also called Private Blog Network domains.

expired and deleted domain names finder auction godaddy business purchase search engine traffic

Expired domains name already have high-quality backlinks. So, the marketing of new posts or the product will be easily done in Search Engines. If someone suddenly closes their business or don’t want to maintain their website anymore. Then they will ignore and not renew the domain names that they worked on the domain. At the time domains get expired and available for the crawlers to crawl expired domains for the Private Blog Network.

At the end of the result, these kinds of sites have considered as Expired Domains. And you can pick up any domain name as you have. These domains may have High-Quality backlinks, high residual traffic, good Alexa ranking, best search engine crawl result, and history. Hence, you can take advantage of these Expired domain name crawlers while purchasing.

Private Blog Network:

The Private Blog Network is a set of special network of PBN sites having good traffic and excessive high-authority backlinks. The PBN websites are nothing but the expired domains names. So, you can use more than one Private Blog Network for your money site to rank in search engine. The PBN’s which will helps your desired domains to make a brand in short time period.

PBN consequently used in your money making websites to enhance Google search engine rating. You just need to redirect the targeted traffic visitors to host’s website. The essential aspect is PBN domain websites individually are not related to each other. As we need the natural backlinks for making brand as soon as possible.

expired domains for pbn when do expired domain names become available ahrefs expired domains all expired domains

If you are worried about where to find cheap expired domain name crawlers then there are many popular expired domain finder tools available. They will provide all history and information about expired domains names that you looking for.

Therefore, expired domains names are beneficial to your private blog network. These dropped domains or expired domain name crawlers will help you to grow web page’s authority and backlinks. As a result of your webpage or posts will rank earlier in a Google search engine.

Essential Metrics to Measure Dropped or Expired Domain Names crawlers:

In this Expired Domain World, thousands of domains get expires day by day. Especially, there are metrics available for measuring expired domain authority. The Metrics tools give all information about expired dropped domains names.

The metrics are like Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) and the Spam score measured by MOZ tool. It must be greater than that of the 20+. The Traffic-Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) measured by Majestic free Tool. It must be greater than that of 15+.

Sometimes, think about where to find and purchase cheap affordable expired domain names. There are number of unique places on the internet gives expired domains with exceptional metrics and best statistics. Additionally, they offer Expired Domain Crawling Software Program tools for easy use.

Here are searching over for expired domain crawler tools. Following are some of the best Expired Domains finder tools available in the market.

[1] Domain Hunter Gatherer: Dropped or Expired domain Catcher

The DHG is most popular professional tool to acquire desired expired domains names lists with highly targeted traffics. It always creates intermediate image of every host’s requirements by downloading this expired domain name crawler or catcher tool.

DHG is a specialized software app for entrepreneurs. It allows them to easily find expired domains names fast and efficiently. At the very first, you could use it to crawl it for multiple domain auction websites. Also you can scoop up the latest and best-dropped domains or expired domain names. And then secondly, you could use domain the hunter-gatherer tool to crawl web 2.0 and PBN websites.

benefits of buying expired domains expired and deleted domain names buying and selling expired domain names

  • An Expired Domain Auction Hunter Scraper
  • Expired Domains Hunter (Search with keywords) (Crawl authority websites)
  • The Expired Web2.0 Finder
  • Expired Domain name  Crawler Finder (Web2.0)
  • Deleted or Expired Domain name crawlers / Finder
  • Dropped or Expired or deleted domain website Crawler
  • Unique Expired domain Spam Checker
  • Easy Expired TLD Domain Filtration
  • Expired domain keyword Crawler
  • Reverse Domain crawling scraper

Find Unlimited Expired Domain Name crawlers

Access an unlimited supply of expired dropped domain names:

  • Find Unlimited Aged Expired Domains finder
  • Build your own powerful Private PBN
  • Dominate any niche you want

With an unlimited supply of high quality (DA, CF / TF) expired domain names at your control you will be able to dominate any niche you want.

purchasing expired domain names find hunter pbn sale auction high traffic high domain authority recently expired domains

Power at Your Fingertips To Get Expired Domain Names in your hands:

  • Very easy and Simple Setup
  • Find expired domains from a keyword or a website
  • Thousands of expired domains from seconds of “work”

DHG is very powerful and requires just a couple of minute’s setup to start finding valuable expired domains.

With just a few minutes setup you can easily find thousands of expired domains names worth hundreds of dollars or more.

Here you get Unlimited High PR (priority) Domains names. You can build your network of PBN with the help of already ranked websites. This is very simple to setup. You can find expired domains from a keyword or a website that you want to start with the name. So, there will be thousands of expired domains within seconds of work.

Quick Client Review On Domain Hunter Gatherer:

Domain Hunter Gatherer has many exciting features listed below:

  • DHG is a great software tool which has everything you need including the search for expired domains for a web 2.0 domains specially.
  • An easy integration with third party APIS for expired top tld domain Metrics.
  • The DHG allows convenient setup as per your all requirements: filters, column setup, saving setup, backlink listing, Domain age, Domain character length etc.
  • To get learn about DHG a library of tutorials, 2-ebooks will easily guide you about aged domains and PBNs.
  • A portable version that needs no installation and accessed from anywhere.
  • It provides a recovery tool that restores a snapshot of any website archived in way-back Machine.

[2] Domcop: Find amazing domain names with great backlinks

For find amazing available expired domain name with the help of DomCop is expired domain name crawlers tool. The DomCop is a great tool to find expire domain name finder. Advanced search through more than 90 top metrics.

just lookup dropped or expired domains high quality value of old premium expired vs deleted domain names

DomCop has more than 23 million dropped domains available in its inventory territory database. You can specify 20+ relevant keywords in each job so such kind of 4 different jobs you can create.

The DomCop is a reasonable responsive tool without downtime and 30-day free trial expired domain finder tool app. Using tools like Majestic, MOZ, DomainScope, Estibot, SimilarWeb, Alexa & more you can get the exact statistic of expired Domain name crawlers.

expired domain names list free with traffic how to find expired domain names with traffic get expired domain names

Why to try DomCop?

  1. Variety of Expired domain name crawlers: You can look-up up to 23 million expired domains at any given validation period. Also, it supports 30+ different tld domain extensions.
  2. Some other services just link to domain registrar like Godaddy auctions but the DomCop goes further across beyond other domain registrar and has dropping domains that don’t have a service provider.
  3. The Advanced Dropped Domain Filters: That makes the DomCop expired domain finder tool makes different than other. You can use & optimize different features to find your desired dropped domain easily and effectively.
  4. Fantastic On-boarding feature: Whenever you sign-up with DomCop it provides great customer service always. They also offers emails for advising to guide how to use 7-day trial. And their technical support team is very active for 24/7 and responsive one.
  5. Domain Metrics: The search is very easy with different statistics available for domain searches like rank MajesticSEO Metrics, Moz DA and PA, Alexa Ranking, Google search Engine rank, SEMRush Rank, Moz metrics, etc.
  6. You can buy Expired domain names from their archive list that you get in the DomCop search result with filter.
  7. Available expired domain name to purchase from the cheap domain registrar the domain that have expired at affordable cost
  8. The personal dropped domain crawler help to crawl the domain on the internet
  9. You can buy expired domains names from multiple domain auctions or from many domain registrars
  10. More than 18 million expired domain names are available

expired domains business deleted domains auction backorder dropped domains Expired Domain Crawler Finder api checker

You are able to export 15,000 domains in a single cycle. You need to choose the metrics you only care about. The DomCop helps for Expired domain auction from registrars like Godaddy, DynaDot, and NameJet.

[3] Register Compass Expired Domain Finder: Grab Your Expired Domain Today

Register Compass: The Register Compass is an expired domains searching application software tool. It gives facility to auction of expired domain names. Register Compass neither sale the domains but also maintain the ace. Special kind of latest expired domain names search engine used to find available expired domain names easily.

After the Domcop expired Domain tool the next expired domain search engine is Register Compass dropped domain finder tool. Register Compass having half inventory than the Domcop expired domain name finder app software. But, technical support over 13 million+ domains for sale with high traffic at any given period.

recovering expired domain names expired domain still not available premium popular PBN expired domains recently expired domains org

Register Compass has monthly plans so you get the best plan or package for your required domains. The best tool Register Compass analyses and specially monitors your own domains names. It monitors existing domain for their expiry period and keep tracking expiry period record. When they get expire create a special list of expired domain names accordingly. To get register domain name or getting sign up for the customers.

Search Domains with authority, traffic, and backlinks. Its all-in-one domain search application software. There are customized search filters and personal domain management.

So, you can search and register expired domain names with consideration of following terms:

  1. High Indexed pages in major Search Engines
  2. Majestic SEO Topical Trust flow
  3. Moz Trust (DA) & (PA), Moz Rank and DMOZ listing
  4. Lots of Strong high-quality Backlinks
  5. Moz Domain Authority and Page authority
  6. Real traffic and Visitors
  7. You will get short 3 letter domains

The Register Compass provides feature like thousands of backlinks assembled domain expired domain name. The expired domain backlinks are available in the Universe of expired domain finder tools like Register Compass. The DMOZ listing gives 3 letter Expired Domain names.

top expired domain names see expired domains renewal of expired domains purchase premium newly just dropped domain names

Great software application Register Compass does not provide a free trial period of the software. You can find expired domains very gently with the use of this expired domains finder PHP script. It offers SEMRush Metrics, Basic Moz, Majestic Metrics, Metrics but no spam score includes in it. The Register compass Extensions tool technical support team will supports 24/7/365.

[4] FreshDrop: Expired Domains Market-leading platform and Dropped Domain Backorder

First of all, FreshDrop formed in 2007. It has a first commercial centralized search engine to find such domain names. The easy search and filter option make expired domain search much easily through FreshDrop. FreshDrop provides user friendly GUI interface. The FreshDrop interface is very helpful for users for searching any expired domain names. Its appearance makes users relax to see lots of desired expired domains names.

The FreshDrop have collaboration with top domain auction houses and aftermarkets. These auction houses are, Godaddy, BlueHost, NameCheap, BigRock, NameJet, SnapNames, DynaDot and many more.

There are domain names that others have registered but are willing to sell. You can search through FreshDrop. Your time is valuable to FreshDrop. Hence you just have to tell them the domain with criteria. FreshDrop service will let you know with notification when domains are available. FreshDrop have a hassle-free 60 days no risk trial period. It finds valuable domains in cheap cost. It does not require a subscription. Using FreshDrop, you will find expired domains finder PHP script to find high PR expired domain names.

expired domains crawler directory extension when do expired domain names become available find expired domains with domain authority

Features that offer by FreshDrop Expired Domain searching tool:

  1. Applying different filters are very easy here.
  2. Using the filters feature you will get your desired expired domain names with lots of positive profitable factors.
  3. The auction of expired domains is available at FreshDrop with the attributes of expired domains past or domain name history.
  4. One of the best features is in FreshDrop is domain backorder. Also you don’t need to subscribe here. They support free 7 days trial period.
  5. You can crawls lots of domains as there is no bandwidth limit.

In addition, Metrics offered by FreshDrop are MajesticSEO, Yahoo, Alexa, Google, DMOZ. Also Wordtracker, Quantcast, Compete, Archive.org, Overture, Whois, Verisign and many more. It offers some money back guarantee.

A FreshDrop expired domain finder search engine provides most useful features like expired domain auction and expired domain backorder. Valuable domain name become available every day. FreshDrop collects all expired, deleted and for sale domains into a searchable centralized database. Members search FreshDrop’s database for profitable domains. Members can buy, sell, park and redirect the domain after purchasing it.

[5] ExpiredDomains.net: Search Free Daily updated Expired Domains buy now

The ExpiredDomains.net is one of the best website to buy free top level expired domains names. Many expired domain searching people select Xenu expired domain tool as a PBN domain finder. It’s a free expired domain lookup analyzer. No Cost and No sign up required. It keeps record of daily deleted, Expired and dropped domains in its inventory database.

Most peoples don’t have any value for expired domains. But the peoples know about SEO or backlinks expired domains are money domains for them. You will get all SEO related data like backlinks, archive.org birth date and more.

how to make money with expired domain names expired domains article scraper expired domain names with high traffic

It lists thousands of domains every day from different vendors like ResellerClub, Namecheap, GoDaddy where we can buy and re-register it. No one can get expired domains free of cost with purchase guide.

It provides Metrics to search Expired Domain Names such as:

  • PageRank, Majestic trust flow, and Citation flow
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • The timestamp
  • DNS availability
  • A link to back order it

ExpiredDomains.net gives all information you need. To find the domain that is pending delete. You can backorder them. They also provide deleted domains or dropped domains with 387 TLDs.

Domain Tools provided by ExpiredDomains.net are:

  1. Godaddy Domain name appraisal tool
  2. NameJet Most active mail parser
  3. CamelCase domain Names

Some of the Best Cons for ExpiredDomains.net are:

If you want to find expired domain for PBN and domain that expired 2-3 years ago then you have to search another website. The expired domains with high traffic and expired domains with high PR on the basis of these factors. You need to decide expired domain name and the quality and domain authority to easy rank in Search Engine.

It doesn’t specify whether your wish to buy a domain name as a Domain Investor or simple a site owner or SEO Expert. It doesn’t offer features like Domain auction, domain brokerage.

There is Related Domains service. Here you have to enter a word and find registered domains that are related to that word. If you want to cross check an old domain name that expired 2-3 years ago then you have to check on another website. ExpiredDomains.net does not offer features and functions like Domain auction, domain brokerage, and Domain Backorder. The metrics you’ll get are Majestics External Backlinks, DMOZ, SimilarWeb global Ranks, and DNS status.

[6] PBN Lab provides following marvellous features to Crawl Expired Domains:

It’s a cloud-based best domain crawling service. You just have to input keywords related to your niche. Choose a country and a year in time. Afterthought, you’ll get the crawl list in a minute. PBNLAB is also a best expired domains finder/crawler tool on the internet. The crawling list of PBNLAB for expired domain names with high rated traffic and high Page rank value.

short expired domain names list of recently expired domain names flipping expired domain names best way to find expired domains

PBN Lab is expired domain finger crawling service. The PBNLAB offers metrics like, Trust flow, Majestic Citation-flow, Topical-Trust flow, HQ/LQ Backlink counts, subnets mask, referring IP etc. It also gives free MOZ DA and PA, MOZ Rank, and MOZ trust value.

  • PBN having ability to set up a series of searches and then let the system run
  • Finding desired expired domain names by using search results not using generic keyword searches on the other sites or the scrap methods.
  • A library of tutorials, 2-ebooks which guide about aged domains and PBNs.
  • It is fast but not instant. The cost is somewhat high but affordable one
  • In PBNLB you can do multiple log-in from different system with different location.

The metrics you will get are Moz, Majestic citation flow, trust flow, and topical flow. Also, Backlink counts, subnets and domains, and referring IP. Free metrics are MOZ domain authority, page authority, MozRank, and MozTrust.


PBN Lab has a world-class Datacenter with 10Gbps of bandwidth. You can run multiple jobs simultaneously. Furthermore, you have detailed crawl results in just a few clicks. They use hundreds of premium private proxies, therefore, crawl without any difficulty.

There is no free trial available. The crawler supports more than 1,200 gTLDs. You don’t have to provide Majestic API or Moz API credentials. No need to pay additional fees. There is 7 days refund policy. You don’t use PBN Lab crawler as a bulk domain checker.

how long does godaddy hold expired domains get expired domain names free expired domain name search purchasing expired domain names

The PBNLAB can finds dreamed expired domains by using search results. PBN Lab does not using generic keyword search or the scrap methods. You can search Expired domain checker script on PBNLab expired domain name finder service. So many of hosting service asked about Xenu and PBNLAB expired domain crawler tool. But the Xenu is a best tool designed to find deleted links.

[7] SnapNames: Search Already Taken An Expiring Domains Catcher Here:

SnapNames is the internet’s domain name marketplace. You can access already registered domains online. They offer 30 million domain names annually in your budget. SnapNames is one of the most successful websites for expired domains search. SnapNames is own by Web.com.

The SnapNames helps their global customers get the domain they want when they need it! It has world’s largest inventory of domain name registrars. You will get free domain backorder service. It is specialized in expiring domains. The SnapNames.com was introduced over on year 2000 and acquired by Oversee.net in the year of 2007. SnapNames.com is considered by many as a 006Fne of the top expired domain platform industry.

check cheap expired domains names with affordable price for your seo PNB network business deleted dropped expired domain name finder tools

Being very low popularity than the NameJet and sale prices are also lower than elsewhere. Hence you can go through SnapNames for expired domain name and expiring domains name search. SnapNames is the world’s largest source of searching dropped domains or Expired domains or deleted domains on the internet today. SnapNames Expired Domains finder having over 10 million+ domain names in its directory for auction.

The SnapName.com is free to join. There is no cost for purchasing your dream expired domains here. But if you want to sell domain names as a part of the SnapNames in the auction you need to pay for it. You can place an order for a domain whether it’s available, registered or in an auction. Just place a backorder on the name. Since, SnapNames try to buy for you. If the current owner decides not to renew after expiration then you will be able to purchase that expired domain name.

Hidden Attributes of SnapNames to choose Expired Domain Names:

The SnapNames dropped domain search tool has a very large customer base with the flawless auction system. Brokers sell their dropped domains here. But, there is biggest disadvantage is that difficult to manage all purchased expired domain names.

There is premium domain auction where you can bid on a domain you want. The SnapNames.com also provides domain brokerage service with easy GUI. If you want to buy and sell a high-value domain then SnapNames is the best option for you. Here you get high quality expiring domain names and deleting domain names. Also selling domains requires your domain to be registered with moniker.com. If you are a domain backorders this site is useful for you.

[8] Dropping.com: Get High Metrics Traffic Expired Domains & High PageRank Tool:

monitor expired domains redirecting expired domains seo search expired domains by keyword traffic from expired domains

Locate valuable domains in less time with dropping.com. They crawl expiring, auctioning and available domain names. These expired domains are valuable to domain investors, website owners, and SEO marketers. The Estibot.com, the identified leader in domain appraisals and get launched dropping.com. The Dropping.com offers detailed analytics report about daily expiring domain names and auctioning domains.

list of expired domains names with traffic and pr list of recently expired domain names how to check expired domain names

This site primarily focuses on customer classification. When you sign up into the system it asks you whether you are a website owner or an SEO expert. It has expiring domains from all Domain marketplaces, major Domain registrars, and backorder services. It’s the best way to kaufen expired domains. According to your motive to get expired domain that match your expectation, they suggest you the best search list. Normally, user utilizes the Dropping.com and search the deleted domains list and sale those searched domains.

buy expired domains with great backlinks with high da expired domains com best expired domains deleted or expired domains

Dropping.com offers authority to following advanced data sources:

  • Monitors expired domain names
  • With single click buy an expired domain
  • Domain ownership report
  • Domain names with PageRank, backlinks, and traffic find instantly
  • Expired Domain name crawlers for Backlinks Report
  • Easy to use, reset filters, feeds based on user types
  • Dropped domain PR and Wayback Machine crawler
  • Filter domains by category, language, and even previous website language
  • Zone of files access

domcop expired domains daily expired domains list check backlinks expired domains can you make money from expired domains

You will get 100+ data points per domain. That including PageRank, Estibot, Alexa, SERP, CPC, Search volume and many more. The Dropping.com has over 14+ million domain names in its agile databases. A wide selection of search and filter features gives you a best domain with cheapest cost. In addition, Dropping.com offers services like bid, buy and backorder expiring domains.

[9] Domain Re-Animator: A Crawler Bot To Find Expired Domains Names

It’s a tool to speed up the process and possibly cut some of the cost. You also use Domain lookup Reanimator for unlimited expired domain crawl in seconds with multiple TLDs. The Domain Re-animator helps you to find dreamed expired deleted the old domain from the marketplace.

It is expired domains grabber software which provides domains for sale. It searches qualitative expired domain names from database. And it offers you different metrics like Majestic metrics and MOZ free SEO checker. So, that you can select required expired domain name with high traffic. It has money back guarantee up to first 500 domains. No trial offer is available.

Provides ways to scraps are:

  • Location targeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Seed list
  • Reverse crawling

It gives the features like:

  • Wayback Machine Reanimation
  • Restores Websites from archive.org
  • Majestic Metrics
  • Spam Filter
  • Spam algorithm
  • Moz Metrics

And now you can use these domains for building your own Blog, E-commerce site, Business website, PBN website for SEO purpose. To make money with your Expired domain name, that is already having traffic, backlinks, DA, PA and PR.


You wanted to generate passive income. Then create a Private Blog Network of websites. The PBN created with the help of Expired Domain names. There are also some websites to test damaged links. Xenu’s link sleuth assessments websites for broken links. This whole content is all about Expired domain names finding service providers. All of the above services differ by different metrics for analysing these expired domains. Above all services providing an easy user friendly graphics user interface for crawling of domains names.

Now, this is your time to take advantage of one of the services. Hope this article helps you for your desire. The point is simply this is one of the SEO strategies. Now, you have a freedom to choose any of this service for your sites. You need to simply redirect these expired domain names with a backlink to your website.

Share your genuine reviews about expired domain names, PBN website or different expired domain name crawlers tool with us. In conclusion to get more traffic, use the existing authority and backlink of expired domains. Let us know which expired domain service or software is best for you.

I hope this content article will resolve your confusion. You can share your reviews in a comment box.

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