#8 Major Mobile App Development Myths

Mobile App developers discover new opportunities in mobile technology from business owners into large types. Again, many companies are finding it necessary to own a mobile app to remain healthy from your competition. However, individuals have many mistaken ideas regarding skill-based mobile game development. Major Mobile App Development Myths are described in details. Many people think that mobile apps are like mobile website that can readily create by using pre-built frameworks and modules provided by some third-party platform. However, the fact is about different things. An expert in the field knows perfectly that what isn’t as perfect as it appears. It’s sometimes tough to match the imagination of the mobile app development trends.

Mobile App Development Myths as Follows:

Mobile App Development Myth 1:

It is relatively easy to create the first model of an app.


The primary type of mobile application will require weeks, hours, or possibly months to organize according to your necessities. You need to provide your smartphone application at the most extreme conceivable time; fast could set your application.

Mobile App Development Myth 2:

With a click of a button, then you can submit your mobile application. It’s a straightforward procedure.


According to Pocket Gamer, there are more than 1.9 million applications in the App shop. The specific number of app entry every day for the time of March 20-16 was 1,964. This month has also observed 9,725 software submitted for its survey, which may soon be acknowledged or dismisses for virtually any reason.

In addition, there are a large number of explanations behind the dismissal of your application by the Apple app store. For instance it could be the point that your substance is more exhausting; you are saying Apple contenders demonstrating no notice for incorrect material, or your application does not look idealize.

Mobile App Development Myth 3:

App-store Optimization (ASO) provides lots of users to a mobile application within a short time.


It is challenging to communicate a vast number of users into a smartphone application. It demands a whole lot of jobs to put into application advertising strategies. To have a feeling of reality, you could present a few queries to yourself. As an instance, does my mobile application possess a website or societal networking account? Or, on the flip side, am I using other promoting/marketing stations to drive customers’ esteem for application launch?

If your answer is “No”, at the point, you need to put multiple jobs in social networking and other possible stations for accessing traffic to your mobile application. Additionally, you should conduct application store optimization strategies that feature targeted acquisition efforts.

Mobile App Development Myth 4:

Once you submit the mobile app to the store, it’ll automatically be visible to prospective users.


A mobile application won’t necessarily begin being evident to users. It would help if you tried endeavors for it. In the case you would like your application to rank high in the App Store, at that point, you need to utilize crucial vital phrases, screenshots and description of your Mobile app Development Myths. pricing of the mobile application also assumes a critical part in the application’s success. Now, 90 per cent of the very best mobile applications are free from various applications stores. Therefore, you can reveal signs of advancement user engagement if you establish your application at no cost.

Mobile App Development Myth 5:

Once a mobile app touched by the users, they will most likely use it.


An incredible number of app downloads don’t signal as a prosperous app. The truth is because most downloads don’t develop into busy users. If users tend to be making use of your application a few times per week or two use your app on an everyday basis, you can relax for a moment. It means that your mobile application is doing well.

Mobile App Development Myth 6:

Developing an app for iOS is just like making one for Android.


Android and iOS are two operating systems. Again, two different outrageously successful companies created those two versatile apps with their methods to do things. While businesses such as Phone Gap allows developers to develop codes for iOS and Android. But, mobile development could be the only real method to ensure your benefit of the qualities accessible on each OS.

Mobile App Development Myth 7:

Mobile app analytics data will probably say exactly how an app is currently performing.


After that, Mobile analytics will be extraordinary support to know your application’s insights; however, getting only the advice of info information won’t allow you to personally, you have to make sense of the loopholes in your application because of this info.

Mobile App Development Myth 8:

Once a mobile app goes live on the app store, it might support itself.


In other words no, a mobile application won’t be encouraged itself. You have to do it. Therefore you may advance your application utilizing different promotion approaches, by way of instance, online journals, blogs, using slide share, operating social stations, or you could likewise draw users by releasing upgrades, bug fixes, and other application development. Therefore much stuff shows to your users that you’re trying to increase your application.

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